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Persian Garden is a new residential complex designed by Farzad Daliri and developed by Lotus Group in Elahiyeh, Tehran. Featuring two twin towers developed on a ten thousand square meter plot, the complex is a 30-story manifestation of modern architecture with historic references to the Persian heritage of gardens and mansions.

The Journal

The Journal is our diary of thoughts and images that we find intriguing. It’s a place to share what’s on our agenda, and what inspires us. We want to share and spread the ideas that we think are worth sharing and The Journal is a hub for those ideas.

The Journal will be launched in March 2024.


Shahrooz Zomorrodi

Our Company

We have embarked on a journey to embrace art and craftsmanship and enrich the world around us by creating extraordinary ceramics.


Our approach to sustainability is to produce products for the homes and places of the future without compromising the environmental considerations of the entire process. Through our sustainability strategy, we take action to reduce the long-term impacts of both our operations and the products we produce, running our business efficiently and considerately and developing sustainable products.

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