Merito was born out of a desire to bring the aesthetic into everyday life. The aesthetic comes in different forms; derived from natural beauty or achieved through arts and craftsmanship. We are inspired by all beauty. We want to bring it into people's rooms and do so with respect to the environment.

We embarked on a journey to combine the power of engineering and industrial production with an artistic approach to design. Design could enhance the way people feel about the place they live or work in. For us, design could also enhance the way people feel about themselves. We wanted to empower architects, designers and property developers to work with the most versatile materials and help create places that induce great feelings in people who use them.

At our design studio, we work with exceptional designers to create bold visual storytelling through porcelain tiles. Our commitment to great design fuels our passion for delivering products of the highest quality that also exhibit versatility, sustainability and elegance. With our products and services, we strive to achieve a kind of elegance that is timeless and inspiring. Through the notion of elegance, we are encouraged to touch everyone’s heart, to help them feel respected and cherished.






Zorlu Center Teras Evler T3 – 301

34340 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Türkiye

Tel. (90) 212 945 7775

Cell. (90) 544 455 5235


Tehran offices

6th Floor, 42 Farmanieh Ave.

Tehran 19537-64627

Tel. (9821) 2687 7985

Cell. (98) 912 870 0096


Merito is the embodiment of our vision to deliver outstanding products that cater to the most discerning architects, developers, and end users. What inspires us is to be able to turn responsibly sourced material into objects of beauty. For us, this is alchemy, a useful creation with artistic merit.

T. Zoorchang & F. Borghei