Big5 2023

The Dubai construction Industry Exhibition (Big Five) is recognized as one of the top and most influential trade shows in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. The aim of this exhibition is to unite the global construction community and provide innovation, knowledge, and leading business opportunities in the industry, fostering connectivity, growth, and success for stakeholders. The Big Five believes in accelerating progress in the construction industry to support economic growth and promote a healthier and more sustainable environment worldwide.

Merito, as a pioneer in the industry of big-sized porcelain ceramics, made a unique presence in its first experience at this exhibition. The booth space was designed to resemble a galactic setting with a large meteorite-like centerpiece adorned with intricately cut slabs on all its surfaces. Our distinctive presentation style succeeded in capturing the attention of most visitors.

The main objective of Merito’s participation in this exhibition for the brand can be evaluated from two perspectives. First, establishing connections with foreign builders and designers actively engaged in valuable construction projects in neighboring countries. Second, creating representation and a sales network in the United Arab Emirates where Merito’s brand presence has been lacking.

In summary, we positively evaluate our presence at this exhibition and are pleased to have received good feedback from the visitors.