Cerafair 2023

The tile and ceramic exhibition, named “CERAFAIR,” took place from the 9th to the 12th of Aban at the International Shahr e Aftab Exhibition center. This exhibition is recognized as one of the most important and reputable events in this industry in the region, providing an excellent opportunity to showcase the latest products and new technologies in the field of tile and ceramic production for participants and visitors.

At Merito, we decided to be present alongside you at this exhibition. Our theme this year encompasses our message as a design-oriented brand inspired by nature, bringing both classic and modern designs to individuals’ spaces.

The tile and ceramic exhibition has always been a gathering place for enthusiasts of the ceramic industry from all over Iran. This year, Merito hosted hundreds of colleagues and professionals in the ceramic field from across Iran. Although this exhibition was not limited to tiles and ceramics, featuring booths such as lighting and faucets, we believe these booths did not align with the exhibition’s focus, and a more exclusive exhibition could have created a more professional space.

Merito’s main goal in participating in this exhibition was to connect with industry professionals throughout Iran, which proved successful. Additionally, we received a positive response from designers and architects at the Merito booth, exceeding our expectations and making your hospitality much more pleasant. The progress and creativity in other booths were evident, making attending the exhibition both engaging and rewarding.

We consider this exhibition a positive and enjoyable experience, evaluating it as a necessary and constructive event in this industry as a whole. Hosting you was a great honor for Merito, and we appreciate your collaboration.