Paramis Zaferanieh

Paramis, situated in Zaferanieh, Tehran, offers prestigious residential living with a focus on luxury. Designed by Dr. Mehdi Khorrami and developed by Paramis Park Group, it seamlessly blends sophistication and elegance. The vanity areas are adorned with Ludwig Anthracite and Orpheus slabs, radiating timeless elegance and tranquility. Boasting 5 bedrooms, a study room, and a guest suite, along with a private Jacuzzi on the balcony, Paramis provides spacious and luxurious living.

Year Completed: Under Construction

Client: Paramis Park Group

Design: Dr. Mehdi Khorrami, Nazanin Mahdavi

Products in Use: LudwigOrpheus 

Paramis is currently under construction, stay tuned for updates on our journey towards creating a luxurious residential experience in Zaferanieh, Tehran!