Shahrooz Zomorrodi

Shahrooz Zomorrodi is the CEO of Zomorrodi & Associates, which he founded in
2006. Famed for his larger-than-life designs,
architect and civil engineer Zomorrodi was
born to a prominent building contractor in
Iran and was educated in Tehran.
Zomorrodi approaches each project with
the aim of creating unique, magical, or sur-
realistic places. He particularly enjoys de-
signing public spaces and most of his pro-
jects contain an element of exaggeration
and architectural surprise, creating fascina-
ton and inviting people to explore the
places he creates. His ultimate aim is to
create spaces that are seemingly impossible
– which appear to challenge the basic laws
of physics.


Merito will launch its first collection with Shahrooz Zomorrodi in the year two thousand twenty-four.